I filmed 17.5 minutes of my movie WeedMasters 3: Power Stoned the other weekend. It was fun! I smoked a bunch of Wild Turkey, drank some good weed, ate some crank, and snorted some mushrooms. I'm not sure if I like upper style drugs.
I would like to try DMT some time. Then I could see a hovercraft full of topless lesbians and midgets in gorilla suits for free. I enjoy shooting guns inside my house. I enjoy blowing things up in the pool.
I keep smoking and smoking this weed and I think I will take acid and do my laundry.
One day I will drill a hole throught the entire house.
soup corn, throw dirt clods, boot cut, slicees and rainbows, mirror signal blind spot, will you go with me, stall piss, burgertime, automan, first knife, come in when the streetlights go on, bj and the bear, cough, guzzle, bump on the back of the neck, knee behind knee, hop the fence, the madness, the worry, the release, the jodhpurs, stealth, you can stay up till 9, blowgunning the ice cream man, all the times I've almost died, having a goatee, when hbo first came out, why not