this might just be the stupidest picture on the net. but what do i care, i am so high right now that i almost had a serious save ,save as accident. i am worked r  i  g  h  t   n   o   w                           . taxi down the runway is wour weed on fire eat a book gamble a service station no commentator you're on your own i am glad in ways i do miss her i can see the tips of my hair backlit by the monitor go on son smoke more weed or you'll be sent to your room kitchen full of tortillas? they raised the price of wild turkey recently the bastards! but i found a place that sells it just like the good old days the bastards! i fucking love pounding as much wild turkey as can fit in my stomach. some day i'll be able to do it all day every day. and smoke from a rebreather. with virtual lungs in forty seven different galaxies. i have already done some brain splicing traveling in some serious scrapes of reality. fourteen thousand years in four heavy hours of drug abuse. and i looked into the pond and i asked the pot smokers ultimate question. am I a loadie? and the reflection sat and pondered and thought and mused and said, YES. and i processed the history of the galaxy and my brain expanded pushing on the inside of my forehead. my eyebrows feel heavy. but i don't really smoke that much pot. only every waking millisecond of my life.