You're huddled in the orange shadow of the clothes hamper, through the open door and across the hall you can see the orcs, you're juiced the rest of your life will be decided in the next five seconds, you decide to make a break for it, you grab the table ripping it off the ground and chuck it at the huge green monsters slamming your way out of the room with your shoulder, the pain makes you dizzy you can't feel your left arm you stumble and they are after you, you spin out of control crashing through the front window, rolling onto the grass as they rip the door open and you scream from the adrenalin, you are glowing the pins and needles in your skin are on fire, you feel the air from an arrow that missed its flesh, you dive into the open passenger window of your rental piece of shit, slam the bitch into reverse as the topless lesbians crash onto the hood from the balcony, your legs are shaking you rip the thing back until you hit the other curb, the lesbians smash against the winshield, one pukes and you see it milk shake against the glass, you thrust into first and second and third and look back and the fuckers on motorcycles are right next to you now, cut a sick left and take out the one in blue, rip the glove open grab the Wilby, rocket the asshole on the right, its only the truck behind you now or not your eyes are blurring over the winshield was destroyed the wind is lancing your eyes its all blurry, red streams from your leg, consciousness flips upside down and back again in waves, you see dinosaurs, your car starts digging into the mud. Nevermind, you just smoked too much weed.