I'm a bank teller by profession but that doesn't mean that I can't get a raging buzz from smoking computer parts. Sometimes its just a pinch of solder or if I'm lucky its a handfull of transistors. My haircutter says that I'm going to wreck my brain with all this computer stuff but I tell her that she is wrong because a lot of my cousins smoke refrigerator parts. But I don't care anyway. So what if my brain gets wrecked at least I can say that I have smoked a lot of computer parts, and what can my hair cutter say? Who cares anyway? Its not like I'm going to stop buying computer parts. But I mean going home after a grisly day of work, you know... And then its like my brain is wearing a knit cap, and my vision gets blurry, and I know that just one more bowl would never do any harm. And you know computers will never be outlawed like the pot that this guy writing about me is smoking.
[Author's note] Hey what are you saying? You (hold on while I smoke a couple more bowls) And then the author passes out from sheeer dimensional madness. I am stoned out of my knee.
Freddy, get the fuck away from my calculators.
Sniffin gasoline, smoking glue, skateboard bucket hits, the first time I snorted particles, you loosers skating on that curb, bus driver thanks for turning around and complaining that we were too loud, I remember getting high with my junior high janitor and we would rip the locks off the lockers and rob lunch money to buy a rock of concrete and smoke xanax, burn a bunch of tires in the safe, god I don't know if I'd ever go back to smooking weed, close my eyes in the shower and press on the eyelids and these red and green and rainbow torrents of corn flake consciousness, we used to shoot the stereo with bee bee guns and then blame it on the one time when there was a huge party next to my house and I was really into Ninja Sports and I blew a bunch of blow gun darts out of my parents bathroom window while standing on the toilet seat into the party.