I reach deep into my brain and recall beautiful images of unripe banannas, throwing poop at the people trapped behind the fence. Fuck, I remember when this rope was new and I started growing that funny stuff in the back of the cave. And all the applause when I pretended to beat my chest like a fool. I hate combing my hair forward, a pain in the ass on the freeway in the back of the jeep with that idiot zookeeper. This place would be shit without me.
Aaaah, to take a deep breath, sip on a cool puddle of burbon, smoke a dense load of funny, feel the breeze whistling through my nostrils, and watch the fuckers on the other side of the fence. I remember when Carl's Jr. was giving out those stupid rubbery neon panneled sunglasses. I remember when Miami Vice was big and everyone was wearing pastel cut off t-shirts, white slacks, and no shoes.
I remember when I smoked my first hit of weed. The other users were staying up late when the place was closed and we were supposed to be in the cave, and I went over to them and I remember saying "Whats that stuff like?" and they just casually passed the makeshift pipe that they had made out of a soda can that some "observer" had thrown over the fence, and I lit the dirty looking stuff and didn't feel a thing, and then it dropped onto the back of my brain like a half filled burlap sack, and I was stoned out of my gizzard.
And I started running around the cave like a senile gibbon, and I remember seeing just neon outlines of stuff, and I remember giving the "thumbs-up" to the sky and falling over taking a piss.