Wow, it looks like I'm at the end of the first month of If I can start tackling august already, I will be way ahead of the game. Sometimes I think to myself that (what the hell is wrong with my brain?) I will stop smoking weed. And other times I think that I will stop smoking weed. Once, well this was when I was driving a muscle car, I thought that I would stop smoking weed. But then I remember the time that I tricked my friend Lithium Jim into smoking a grasshopper in writing paper and I realized that smoking weed realy isn't that bad. Many of you might wonder if the next month of pictures is going to have pipes in them and I can say for sure that I don't know. One thing that I do know is that I have inherited a bad case of the munchies and I have to expel a raging torrent of steamy piss. Hmmmmmmmm, maybe next month will be fart month. You know I harbor a keen interest in bathroom humor. We shall see. Well anyway fuckram, I have written a book called Bleef the Grugs, am currently working on a movie called WeedMasters 3: Power Stoned, and well, I'll keep you updated. Narkleheads Unite!