Take a breath, your life is in turmoil, right? You are looking for something better, correct? Do you sometimes feel disoriented when you wake up? Let Speef Narkle Ministries fill the void. Speef Narkle Ministries will give you a new purpose in life. Narkleheads often feel a sense of warmth, and a clearness when they give themselves over the the guidance of Speef Narkle Ministries. They find themselves with increased energy, more love, and best of all they find that they can smoke tons and tons more pot. If you haven't already, why don't you try out Speef Narkle for a while. Or if you are already a Narklehead, help a friend see the truth. Hey, it doesn't hurt to try. And they will be glad you did. Well golly, I feel better already. Now lets all go smoke a bunch of weed.

Gratz Meef,
  -the rev

Important Announcement: Speef Narkle Ministries Monday, Oct. 13 announced the winners of the Lungs Around the World tour. The two lucky stoners will be starting their tour in Amsterdam for the Cannabis Cup in November. Then they will be whisked off too Nepal and South-East Asia for the latter part of their brain wrecking vacation. So if you see two fucked up narkleheads with Speef Narkle t-shirts, be sure to say Gratz Meef. One of them also wanted me to ask any of you narkleheads for advice on the Cannabis Cup. So if you have any hints etc. please send them to speef@dreamscan.com with Cup Hints in the subject. Thanks a fuckload.


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