This may come as bad news to some of you and good news to others, but Speef Narkle will no longer exist after today because I have stopped smoking weed. I went over the edge this past weekend and things started to invert in my head etc... I think that this is a wise decision since the shit that I have been writing has been getting stranger and more egocentric. All the dumb brainwashing stuff, the I am bigger than God crap, all the emotional releases, and all the stupid attempts to make you trip out. I think I have been losing friends because of it. OK, I'm just kidding. I will never stop this stuff. I am the Reverend Speef Narkle! I control your brain! Give me all your money! I am bigger than God! I control the Universe! I am the Universe! Narkleheads Unite!
Gratz Meef,
   the rev

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