When a chicken coop has all its residents asleep. Throw in some knock out gas and then go rape the chickens.

Ate prunes and drank coffee all day long and then kept shitting all over. Then farted all over the toilet. What a waste. Pee with a bonerô

Ripped my side apart with a can opener for good luck. Crap your pants and sit on the crap logs. Thatís good weed.

Here comes another shit fart.

Crap just constantly dribbling down the bottom of my leg.

Moonwalk over a pile of cat turds.

And then some joints came up and knocked on my teeth.

Currently shaking now from the gusto of that weed.

Iím cool thanks. That roach has your name all over it. Lemme try some of that. Have three spoons?

Looks like my butt is growing a brown tail.

Take a dump in a vat of photofixer . Let it steep for 47 seconds. Then when you hold it up to the light and turn it you will see the animal taking a dump.

Video game where you chop poo logs in half with your pee.

Cup water into your butt for techno sounds.

Youll probably end up loving liver when you are 50.

Corn Holetester
Devilís Fudgepackers
6663 Del Playa #1
Isla Vista, CA 93117

Choke on my cat gas.

Bathroom humor superhero.

The dream sequence of the hard work that it took to get where you are.

Got a hernea from ripping farts.

Fill your neighbors gas tank full of dog shit.

Flashback Enema