Some FineShitheads From WeedMasters III: Power Stoned
  The Huffmasters, H. B. (Hog Balls) McGillicutty and Dr. Queefburger, prepare their special mix of badger piss and airplane glue.Guaranteed to blow a brain in half.
  "Hold on baby, just got to light this robot pussy... Now what where you saying?"
  Eugene inhaling from the welders tank, while Ralph Huston Chopcock dreams about photo fixer, and The Movie Zardoz asks about tuob ask sa.
  Dugan holds the bag of temping doobies above the midget's grasp.
  One three and a half foot midget sucks his thumb while the other three and a half foot midget eats his moustache.
  Manimal Jenkins (played by Mitchell Streethawk) enjoys a savage meal of robot pussy and a can of choad skinner.

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