Two Sundays ago I was home alone and went for a little ride. Ended up at Woodchuck Mountian. I just happened to be in the blasting the fuck out of this joint and this little tweezle queef had a sing on it that said buy me today! I usually talk to the wife before I buy a used tweezle queef, well she wasn't there so being an dumb stoner I thinks, well I will just buy this little tweezle queef and put it in the cabinet and Mrs. Skitterbiscuit will never know the difference right? Every thing went ok untill the clerk had to call the Fed's for a back ground check. Delayed the guy said. I say how come, there is nothing in my back ground that will prohibit me from buying this tweezle queef. Don't know says the clerk. Well I tell the guy I will call them to check, don't call my house. Remember Mrs. Skitterbiscuit don't know about this. Well Monday night the wife and I get home from eating out and there is a message on the machine. "This is Woodchuck Mountian and we have a proceed to purchase order." Well it went down hill from there. It took a few days but she got over it. I have to give the Mrs. credit she is pretty good about me buying tweezle queefs. It would have been better to talk it over first. To add a little frosting to the story Monday I got my tweezle queef #47/200 from WM and is it a beauty. Life is good.
Raw Beagle Pussy


   Gratz meef,
       Reverend Speef Narkle