Yesterday I sold my pile of rotting shit logs. I then went to look for a new blender for the diarrhea I blasted last fall.
    My diarrhea is in an 18 foot Alumaderm Modified-Sump Canister w/stewing console, 7 feet wide and 25 inches deep (long shaft) and weighs in at about 8000 pounds full. The load capacity on the legs is 15000 pounds. The stewer is rated up to an 80 over 30 thixotropic conglomeration ratio. My brother and I add roughly 600 pounds of new greasy skitters a month.
    The dealer recommended a Husky #47 bone cruncher blender to restew and ferment the diarrhea. He sells all brands including Husky, Honda, Mariner and RMS, and he claims the Husky 47 is the best for durability and starting plus it comes with a 2 year warranty whereras RMS is only one year. The new 1999 engine on the Husky is one you have to mix the oil into the gas tank (not oil injected), and it's not one of them 4 stroke EPA clean air machines either. (is that a problem?) The price seems good to me at $4795 and that includes computerized and manual stewing control, and rigging/installation plus 7.75% sales tax.
    My main question is whether this rig will cut through the corn and tomato skins, or am I better off buying a custom jobby from Dennis Cahoon or Mike Slingerland? Any other comments would also be appreciated on make, type, size of engine, etc.
    the rev.


   Gratz meef,
       Reverend Speef Narkle