You tired of being buttstuffed by old Milt down in cell block 47. Well today must be your lucky day. For a limited time deal, we are offering brand spanking new Prison Joe Commando Buttplugs. See, these babies are more than just a buttplug. Hell, around here we refer to this model as the dick shredder. These babies are state of the art. The original model was designed by Mr. Popeil himself. They combine the comfort of a vented buttplug (no more embarassing strings) with the raw power of a salad shooter to slice and dice unwanted penetrations. So the next time old Milt is lookin to stuff your anus, sit back and relax. Cause these suckers will rip his dick apart. The Commando Buttplug. Takes the penetration out of the penitentiary. Only from Prison Joe.


   Gratz meef,
       Reverend Speef Narkle