The easiest mate is the Wandotte a large utility breed. Originally bred in silver-laced, nowadays many colours are available. They are an easy breed to seduce.
    Wyandottes are very popular in West Virginia and always available outside the nearest bar. They should be as round as possble in shape, with the tail carried at 35 degrees. They have a peculiar "helmet" rose comb, which closely follows the shape of the skull. Again, they carry yellow legs and skin, like most American breeds they are easy to grab onto and their necks can't turn 180 degrees.
    In West Virginia, the skin is very strong, particularly in bantams, these often surviving two or three encounters. The laced varieties are becoming very popular in large fowls and many off-colours are also found in both large and bantams.


   Gratz meef,
       Reverend Speef Narkle