After only three weeks, Larry had already mastered his new job. Sure he was glad to have the job, but his heart ached to be bowling again. To be part of a team and not some mindless drone that just pushed tits all day. Back then he was going somewhere. He could walk into any alley and get a ten to twenty percent discount on the hooker of his choice. He could bowl all day for free and then go out and get stoned with the junkies all night. Then the accident happened. The day that ruined his career. The day he discovered DMT. The day the elves started to explode. Then the beatles started taking over. Elroy called to his hambone special, "Where do these capes belong? I'm waiting now for one more blast. My patience is wearing thin. Has this squirrel worn through already?" No one answered him anymore. The next day at the bowling alley. He said fuk it. He gave up drugs, and got a normal job. And now he's fuking miserable.

       Gratz meef,
            Reverend Speefnarkle