Santa Barbara is coming. Pavorotti’s secret? Corn beef hash. I’m at Izzy Kadetz. It sucks shit. They can’t even make a glazed donut right. If a 14 ton gorilla chewed a bunch of rocks and shit it out, it would be downtown Cincinnatti. I’ll be lucky to find a book store here.

Snapping mouse traps on your dick.

God man I know why they made weekends 2 days long. You get drilled from that much drinking I’ve been been working the liver overtime and it hasn’t done shit to me Booze ain’t working I need to start smoking carpet or fire up a little black lung. Ammonia. Ammonia is the rush of the 90’s.
Crime pays $23/hr. Testing … Larry “Superfuck” Williams.

So I’m in Kentucky again. Northern Kentucky.
Jesus I’ve been eating bad food spending lots of money. But things are picking up. Good conversation w/ Big Daddy and his girlfriend. Kentucky? Its almost like every other city. Where’s the character of America. Has mass media diluted the gene pool? Everybody is too normal. I’m over my sore throat though. I think. That’s why I’m smoking and drinking America. Marlborough and Budweiser. When you’re really good you deserve the cheapest of America’s best. I am reminded of what that loady nimrod said to me today. “You look like you’re from Xeemlatzk.” Why is sitting at a bar so relaxing. I could do this all day. I want a bar within walking distance of the castle.

      Gratz meef,
            Reverend Speefnarkle