“Hey hookers, thanks for the boner.”

Sex is:
Laughing out your dick.

Cause a trashman and the chick that he’s into is in Mrs. Simon’s math class. It’s a good thing that the chicks that my friend Jamie that was on Ritalin that barely understood whut can be but in other words but the thing that set them apart you aren’t supposed to be in your house without your mom new.

One time Jamie attacked me with a steak knife and I decked him thank you for the terry cloth shirts with the guy with the glasses. Moustache. [ Authors note: I just remembered the name of the shirts. Kensington. ] Rumor had it that John Rummy Freddy. We got a bunch of walkie talkies frum thanks a bunko freukmungo. We like it when Jamie throws ammonium sulfate into my eyes and we rinsed them forever. Sandy lived next to Mike and protected Sandy from the stuff. I expected my dad to learn ninjutsu. I remember when I saw my first nude and I wanted to slingshot a piece of an ink pen at her. Burgle meister fruggy prug friendly. Thanks for the pup rakers. Hey I felt like I was wearing a hat. You can frug mungo. Thugufref. Fref ruggopluffomewug. Murgdorfgupmugmug bruf reep reep houga monfo. Your big toe is sick. We snorted a bunch of coke and then smoked a bunch of mushrooms.

      Gratz meef,
            Reverend Speefnarkle