Well party we did. The work was good. We were making cash. Though Rat Fuker was not sharing as much as he had suggested he would. No surprise. Money has a way of changing your perspective. It can make you do a lot of things you wouldn’t normally do. And hell, it attracts chicks too.

Well fuk, lets get to the meat of the story. Almost a month had passed and we had gotten to know some pretty swell chicks. Wolf had won the bet, but it really didn’t mean anything. By this time we were all after our own prizes. I was addicted to the nice one, as my heart would dictate against my will. Gus had been pursuing the one from Tam Warken Hurzl. Conflicting with her relationship with her boyfriend for sure. Though he still had the achings for the little cute one. Wolf had scored, but not with the one that he was truly after. So his chase began anew. And Rat Fuk was becoming more of a dick as the days grew on. He became like a step dad to Wolf and Gus who were living with him. I was living somewhere else entirely, not being able to spend much time with Rat Fuk with out going nuts. I was realizing that working for him had be come a bigger mistake by the day. Well, theres a lot we’ll go through to get to a good stock of women to choose from.

I began to have success with the one I was after. Though I must admit, it was my disguise she was falling for and not me. Well success is an optimistic word in the least. We bagan to hang out with each other. Though it looked like we were destined to be “friends” instead of lovers much to my disappointment. Things were going great until her old boyfriend moved into town. God damn. What a nightmare. He had graduated from college and got a great well paying job as well. It certainly looked like the tide was turning against me. Any progress that I had made had now looked like it was going to sink down into nothing. And then I kissed her. I went out on a limb. It was scary to say the least. I felt like Chevy Chase in Fletch. That’s who my idol was at the time. What a ripper. He could get the women, make people laugh and solve important crimes at the same time. Hell if it worked for him. Then maybe it could work for me with just one woman. Don’t you fuckin hate ex boyfriends. They make the chicks so weak.

Wait. I just said I kissed her. Lets reclassify that. I pecked her. There were simply lips pressing together for a milisecond. But it was if heaven had just given me a queef blast of happiness. That night I had to drive for two hours to go visit my friends, but I couldn’t sleep for another five or six. All I could do was think about her the whole ride up. All the right songs were playing on the car stereo. Well it had something to do with the Hall and Oates tape that I had put in. What the fuck did the kiss mean? I had the whole weekend to think about it. Was it just another false start. I had had plenty of those in my life too. The kiss, or the night that never goes anywhere. That’s the last thing I needed. My heart to be ripped to shreds hoping and praying that this would work out. And theres nothing you can do except wait and try to play your cards.

Well as expected, Monday morning at work, it was as if nothing had happened. We were civil to each other to say the least. Not a sign. Not an ounce of excitement. Not a millisecond of acknowledgement.

Part End of story continued on Wednesday.

      Gratz meef,
            Reverend Speefnarkle