The maid found them naked under the coffee table, drugged out of their minds on acid and roofies. There were tortillas with peanut butter scattered in little piles around the house.
    "Poor thing," she said as she crowbarred the cat from the cieling.
     Flossie awoke first and powered a string of farts and meatballs out her ass.
     "I knocked," the maid said, clearly frightned by the growing puddle of grease and meatballs on the carpet.
     "Watch your step," Flossie mumbled, tearing Bill's scrawny pecker off and mincing it into wacky wheels. "We forgot to put the sign on the door."
     "I'll be back with some fresh cats and roofies. Did you need more towels?"
     "Could you bring a bucket of extra crispy and a coloring book. Bill's keeps having flashbacks about a lizard sewing dog poo to his backpack." said Flossie, as she inflated a small boat with power queefs. "Oh, and could you start the water in the tub?"
     As the maid scurried off to the bathroom, Bill awoke with meaty groan.
     "That was some fuckin movie. What kind of roofies were those, my nuts are still broiling," Bill remarked, reaching for the crack rocks. He sparked up the blowtorch. "Care for a little woodchuck?"
     "No thanks," said Flossie. "I'm juggling at the table tennis convention. Gotta keep my abs loose."


      Gratz meef,
            Reverend Speefnarkle