Jerry. Can I say twins? Fuck all that stuff in the last letter. We got married, she no longer wanted to hump, I moved on. A mans gotta plow what a mans gotta plow. Wads over the bridge. Check out this fine pair. This place is super fukin heaven on a stick. I know you like blondes. And yes. Its natural. The weed up here kind of sucks though. Could you send a couple lids up. Better yet. Why don't you bring them up in person. We could make a killing on good weed up here. These guys are all into cubes. Cubes and pills. What I wouldn't give for a pack of mean joints and some turkey. Then again. It may be ditch weed, but its practically "all the weed you can smoke". A lot of its laced with pcp though. So its a toss up. Look at me. How can I complain when I got these nymphettes hanging on me. By the way, up here they say the slops are sometimes betters than firsties. FYI, I'm all about the slops. Half the works already done.

       Gratz meef,
            Reverend Speefnarkle